Abraham Guem finishes second in Tororo Cross Country Championship

Abraham Guem finishes second in Tororo Cross Country Championship
South Sudanese athlete, Abraham Majok Matet Guem. [courtesy photo]

Abraham Majok Matet Guem and William Yach Majok Shinny finished in second and third positions in recent Uganda’s 2022 Tororo Cross Country Championship.

 Both athletes participated in the two-kilometre race.

The Uganda 2022 Tororo National Cross-Country Championship attracted top runners from Djibouti, Tanzania, and South Sudan, according to the Uganda Athletic Federation.

Marko Akol Deng, South Sudan’s Secretary-General for Athletics Federation, said three South Sudanese athletes had participated in Uganda’s 2022 Tororo Cross Country Championship.

He said all the three athletes finished in the top ten, which he termed “a good improvement from the guys.”

“Our guys did their best out of the best athletes from different countries who took part in the Uganda 2022 Tororo Cross Country, and it was a good performance in the Uganda national cross-country.”

“Abraham Majok Matet Guem finished in second place, William Yach Majok in third, and Abraham Guot Thon finished in ninth position. What I could not confirm to you is the records or minutes that they finished with but the position was confirmed by,” said Deng.”

However, he said the results of some of his athletes who are participating in similar competitions in Eritrea and Ethiopia are yet to be confirmed.

“That one was for the Uganda national cross-country championship, but our guys also participated in Eritrea and Ethiopia, where we are yet to receive their results,” Deng said.

According to the officials, the championship is expected to be used to select a team that will represent South Sudan in the African Cross-Country Championship due in March this year in Mozambique.

He said this year is going to be busy for athletes with several international events, including the 22nd Africa Senior Championships in June. The others are the World Championships and Commonwealth Games, both in July, and the U-20 World Championships qualifiers in July.

Last week, two South Sudanese athletes were flown to Ethiopia for the 2022 East African Cross-Country Championships.

The two were Marko Piyien Macho and Jacob Chol Atang, and they are expected to participate in 10 kilometres and 8 kilometres, respectively, in this year’s Ethiopia East African Cross-country.