Abraham Chol ‘fake prophet’, claims police officer

Abraham Chol ‘fake prophet’, claims police officer
Prophet Abraham Chol Maketh of Cush International. Photo: Courtesy.

A High Court in Juba continued its trial of the self-proclaimed prophet Abraham Chol and four others yesterday.

The session, which was headed by the President of the court, Judge Somaya Saleh, was devoted to hearing the statements of the complainant, Police Captain Timothy John Kong, after the officer submitted an authorisation document issued by the Inspector-General of South Sudan Police to the court.

The defence team objected to the authorisation document, arguing that the document included only Chol’s name and left out the other accused persons.

The complainant tabled submissions to justify the argument that Chol had engaged in a treasonous offence.

 “The content of Abraham Chol’s publications and videos incites citizens and regular units against the state, calls for undermining the constitutional system in the country, and does not respect religious beliefs. Therefore, I opened the communication for the purpose of maintaining security, order, and public safety,” the officer alleged.

Kong also mentioned that the organization to which Chol belongs is a criminal one, although he claims to be the ‘‘son of God.’’

Kong added that the accused claimed to be a king and that the President of the Republic, Salva Kiir, and his deputy, Riek Machar, would step down from power “without shedding blood” in order to avoid the wrath of God.

During conversations, Chol had set 9/7/2021 as the last day for the term of President Kiir and Dr Machar, but it did not happen.

The complainant further claimed that the Kush church – which Chol belongs – is in violation of well-known Christian doctrines, and exploits religion to achieve political goals, as it incites believers against the state.

Directions have been issued by the state forbidding the establishment of prayers in the international church of Kush.

The second and third defendants are being tried under Article 48—Participation in the Crime.

 “The second defendant was filming all the activities of the first defendant, Abraham Chol, and the third defendant is his bodyguard, and their relationship with the first defendant is that they belong to the same Kushite church,’’ he said of one of the accused persons.

The hearing was adjourned to next Friday, which corresponds to October 28, 2022.