Abocha urges SPLM youth to venture on agriculture

Abocha urges SPLM youth to venture on agriculture
SPLM National Youth League Chairperson Abocha Ali speaking to CES youth During SPLM training in Juba. [Yiep Joseph/The City Review]

The Chairperson of the Sudan People Liberation Movement’s (SPLM) National Youth League, Abocha Ali, called on the party’s youth to embark on agriculture.

Addressing SPLM members during the welcoming event of new members on Friday, Abocha stressed that SPLM members, particularly the youth, need to prioritise agriculture to effectively fight hunger.

“This year all the youth from SPLM should embark on farming so that there should be enough food so that our oyee (party slogan) will have a meaning to citizens,” Abocha said

He lamented that the current high prices of commodities in the market are connected to a lack of effective farming by the citizens.

“If we embark on farming, there will be enough food in the market, and prices will come down on their own. Now the prices are high because we bring food from outside,” he said.

He urged the youth and citizens to set up farms in their villages to boost food production.

Aboch stressed that everyone needs to embrace agriculture and make it the backbone of the country’s economy.

Abocha said that for elections to become more effective, agricultural projects must be put in place to improve production in the country, adding that youth should take the lead in all agricultural activities.

Meanwhile, the SPLM chairperson for Central Equatoria State, Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony appreciated the people in the state for their hard work and urged them to make more efforts to increase food production.

He added that commitment to agriculture would reduce the dependence syndrome on exported food from neighbouring countries, which has always kept prices higher.

In 2022, the Central Equatoria State Cabinet’s Extraordinary Council of Ministers Sitting No. 03/2022, under the chairmanship of Governor Adil, named Friday as a half-working day for all constitutional post holders and civil servants serving in the state to enable them to aggressively embark on agricultural activities as the only remedy to food insecurity. This was to keep up with the looming global economic crisis, which has adversely affected the market prices of some essential commodities.

Governor Adil has been calling on the citizens to embark on agriculture to boost food production.

Also, President Salva Kiir and other top government officials who own farms have constantly called on the citizens to embark on agriculture.

However, the issues of insecurity and poor roads remain a big challenge to most farmers who are willing to engage in farming.