Abiong gets support after City Review highlights plight

Abiong gets support after City Review highlights plight
Abiong Ajak, 18, who is a former senior three student, now calls for help to accomplish he dream. [Photo: courtesy]

The Intrepid South Sudan has pledged to fund the studies of Abiong Ayuen Ajak after The City Review highlighted her struggles to raise school fees.

On Tuesday, The City Review reported about the plight of the teenager, who dropped out of senior three due to a lack of scheel fee.

“I am neglected by my parents, and I have been struggling to study, for which my parents have been beating me for going to school,” Abiong said.

“When I wanted to study during the nursery and primary levels, I was denied the opportunity to study by my father because he wanted only boys to study and stopped me from going to school.”

However, the Executive Director of Intrepid South Sudan and Chairperson of the Jonglei Civil Society Network, Bol Deng Bol, said his organization was ready to support Abiong Ayuen’s studies.

The organization promised to support Abiong up to the university level if she is determined to pursue her studies.

 “Upon learning of her call for assistance in her academic journey on social media and the subsequent confirmation from her relatives, we resolved to offer her the support she needs in completing her secondary school and her subsequent university education,” said Bol.

Bol said the organization plans to meet with the parents of the young girls to identify any gaps and support she needs.

“INTREPID South Sudan (ISS) is a Civil Society Organization operating across the country with a focus on women’s and Youth empowerment focuses. It is our privilege to help Abiong realize her dream of becoming an accountant.” Bol added.