27 suspects apprehended over Rualbet killings

27 suspects apprehended over Rualbet killings

​Twenty-seven suspects linked with the recent killing in Tonj North County, Warrap State,  have been arrested by the security organs.

A high-Level committee dispatched to the Tonj North told President Salva Kiir that the suspects were arrested following an intense operation by security agencies.​​

“The Security Chiefs reported to the President that nearly 27 culprits linked to the recent killings in Rualbet Payam have been arrested and the security forces have been deployed to crack down more criminals,” the statement from the office of the president read.

The heads of security also said they collected 531 small firearms from civilians and recovered 124 cattle suspected to have been raided from neighbouring communities. The cows were allegedly returned to their owners through collaboration with the local chiefs.

On Sunday, local chiefs in Rualbet and Madhiath Payam inked an agreement with the high-level committee, vowing to report those who possessed firearms.

The agreement stated that any person found in possession of firearms would serve over 10 years imprisonment, or be forcibly recruited into the army.

The delegation was headed by the Chief of Defense Forces, Gen Santino Deng Wol, and included the Inspector General of the Police, Gen Majak Akech Malok, and the Director of Internal Security Bureau, Gen Akol Koor Kuc.

The commissioner of Tonj North County Bak Ajuot Kuot, witnessed the signing of the maiden agreement at Rualbet Payam.

In June 2022, a mild conflict erupted between armed civilians and South Sudan People’s Defense Forces’ (SSPDF) soldiers leading to the killing of 18 SSPDF soldiers at Rualbet in Tonj North County, Warrap State.

This was after the soldiers were pursuing armed youth in pursuit of 125 cattle raided in the nearby payam in Tonj North County.