24 candidates miss exams in Jonglei State

24 candidates miss exams in Jonglei State

At least 24 candidates are not sitting for the ongoing Certificate of Primary Examination due to the floods.

The exams kicked off yesterday across the country.

Martin Tako Moi, Deputy Minister of General Education and Instruction, said on Monday that despite efforts put in place, 24 candidates in Uror County, Jonglei State, have missed the exams.

“The plane went there several times, but they could not find a place for landing. The whole area is submerged in water,” Moi lamented.  

“It was a challenging circumstance, but we succeeded because of the support of the entire national leadership during these trying times when the majority of the centres were submerged by water.”

Moi advised those candidates writing their exams not to be involved in malpractice.

“Don’t copy from anybody… We don’t want to cancel the results of the school,” he stated.

“You be very careful to what I am saying; anything you try to steal or copy will be nullified, and the consequences will be not only to you but to your family, who prepared you, and your teachers, who prepared you for 8 years to come and sit for these exams,” Moi warned the candidates.

He warned the invigilators, the staff, and the security personnel not to conspire with candidates to cheat.  

“We want everything to go as arranged so that we produce clean results, you be able to go for scholarships in the region or the country,” he stated.

The deputy minister also cautioned the candidates against fake examination papers.

“Don’t accept fake examination papers to be in the examination room don’t be deceived. There are people who are selling fake examinations materials on social media.

 “You will be surprised we have put an end to this, and we are very serious about punishing any pupil, anybody who tampers with the examinations all over the country.”

He continued, “We want to have credible examinations in the country.”

Simon Nyok, Secretary General of the National Examination Council, confirmed that one center in Jonglei has not received the examinations.

“The floods around the county submerged the airfield and we could not make any landing so this is the challenge we have now and 24 candidates,” she explained.

 “We hope that will put in place some arrangements to ensure that these candidates have the opportunity to do the exams.”

She said a date would be fixed for the candidates to offer them an alternative paper.