20 traders arrested over sale of spoilt foodstuffs

20 traders arrested over sale of spoilt foodstuffs
Yei River County Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa (photo credit: courtesy)

Local authorities in Yei County, Central Equatoria State, have arrested 20 traders suspected of selling foodstuffs unfit for human consumption.

Yei River County Commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus, said the suspects would be prosecuted alongside their financiers.

Some of them are believed to be foreign traders.

He revealed that he had received reports of health-related complaints from the citizens.

‘‘I call on the National Bureau of Standards to come and investigate this matter,’’ he said.

Cyrus said his administration conducted a general inspection of the county’s markets to review the quality of goods and foodstuffs sold in the markets, and the result was unimpressive.

“We called upon the health administration unit to look at these cases. [They told] us that there are some citizens suffering from some diseases triggered by chemicals. [They had complaints like] such as pain in the stomach, liver, pancreas, lungs, and shortness of breath due to eating this spoiled food.”

He added:  “Some citizens say that when they cook these foodstuffs, foam comes out of them, and some citizens complain of diarrhoea, although there are no deaths so far.”

He said his administration would open cases against the traders who bought and sold spoilt foodstuffs and ensure that they get proper punishments.