2.4 million people targeted in fresh COVID-19 vaccination

2.4 million people targeted in fresh COVID-19 vaccination

The national ministry of health is planning to launch a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination campaign targeting 2.4 million adults.

The campaign aims to meet the global target while also protecting and boosting citizens’ immune systems in the face of rising COVID-19 cases in China.

It is expected to kick off on January 28 in Juba.

PHEOC’s chief of planning, Mabior Kiir said all the logistics have been put in place fo the exercise.

“The target is 80 counties in South Sudan. We will be conducting the countrywide vaccination campaign.

“Some of those counties are well organised so we will begin on January 24, and those that are not organised [we] will [focus] on January 25,” said Mabor.

He stated that the campaign would take eight to 10 days, although the Ministry of Health had recommended seven days.

He said for those who may not make it, especially in the counties, a day would be added to accommodate them.

“At the moment, South Sudan has managed to vaccinate 16.4 percent of the total population, which amounts to 2.2 million people aged 18 and above,” Mabor said.

According to Worldometer—the most recent United Nations data—South Sudan’s current population was 11,528.467 as of Sunday, January 22, 2023.

Mabor said, the total number of adults in the country aged 18 and above accounts for 36.65 percent of the total population.

“The Ministry of Health and key partners will continue to engage the civil population to ensure that they accept the vaccine with the effort put in by the WHO and UNICEF,” he said.

South Sudan’s total number of COVID-19 tests performed to date is 485,901. The number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the total number of cases confirmed to date is 18,420, with 167 cases under follow-up.