​Chief shot dead in Nimule’s inter-communal clashes

​Chief shot dead in Nimule’s inter-communal clashes
Crime scene tape.

​Two people, including a local chief have died from the latest inter-communal violence in the area.

The incident occurred just a day after President Salva Kiir warned that the government would take stern action against perpetrators of inter-communal conflicts.

But on Monday, July 11, residents of Nim​​ule County in Eastern Equatoria were struck by a double tragedy when a local Chief and two others were allegedly shot dead by armed local youth.

John Ebele Alex, the Anzara chief, died in the mid-morning incident after a youth from an adjacent state stormed a community meeting that he was chairing before opening fire on the attendees in what looked like a well-coordinated attack in Magwi County.

“This is a provocative act of inter-communal violence.” “The leadership of Eastern Equatoria State should immediately intervene and prevent further occurrence of revenge attacks among the conflicting communities,” CEPO said in a statement seen by City Review.

Ironically, the chief was helping the community arrange the burial of two boys who were found dead in Mugali over the weekend.

The deceased were allegedly killed in a cattle raid (July 10) in Mugali, which also saw three people captured by the raiders.

Two were later found dead while the other is still missing.