​BREAKING: Gov’t set date for graduation of forces

​BREAKING: Gov’t set date for graduation of forces
The necessary unified forces in Pantit training center in Northern Bar El Gazal. [Photo: Courtesy]

​The government has finally set the date for graduation for Necessary Unified Forces.

About 52,102 forces drawn from the army, police, wildlife, prison, civil defence and National Security will be graduated on August 30, the government announced.

The recruits were from 17 centres from the greater Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria and Nile regions.

About 26, 508 forces that have a mixture of the army, national security and police, will come from the nine centres in the greater Equatoria region, 15, 682 from five stations in Greater Upper Nile and 9812 from three centres in Greater Bahr el Ghazal.

“These forces are ready to be reintegrated and we have agreed that they will be graduated by the 30th of August, this year,” said Martin Elia Lomuro – Minister of Cabinet Affairs.

“In about 20 days, you will have the forces graduated as per the roadmap,” he added.

A meeting of the Cabinet Affairs also agreed to follow up on the progress in the next seven years to ensure that the exercise is executed without further delay.

“We are comfortable that outstanding issues will be resolved within the seven days and in the end, we’ll solve any problem that requires solutions before the graduation of forces.

Lomuro added that President Salva Kiir has ordered all units (different formations) to immediately commence meeting, starting today, to look at the details and requirements and forward them to the committee [which starts its meeting tomorrow, Thursday, August 11], to make sure that everything is resolved ahead of the big day.

“That’s a very solid determination from the president. It is also a very strong indication that everything is going on well.”